Ark Survival Evolved Cartoon – Episode 2: Survival Of The Fittest

Theme Tune Hey, Hey You, Hey. Can we join your tribe? How about yours? Can we join yours Hey…Buddy…Pal…Friend…. How bout yo- Just give it up we’ll just make our own tribe Whoa look at him! We should join his tribe he looks like a potato monster! Hey! Stop it! Don’t point it’s rude! They are just like us…just hideous mutant versions of us. uuuuuurgh Please let me join your Tribe GOOD GOD! NO! I’m sure he’ll be fine and find a tribe of like minded freaks before time runs out.

ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH cough cough Anyway…we’ve been queued for 10 minutes let’s make this count! Run to the middle pick up as much as you can then head to the beach! ok RUN RUN RUN! Guys I leveled up picking up a stone! I DID IT AGAINNNN!! We’re on a 300 times xp server, breathing air levels you up. Oh wow! You’re right I gotta spend my points. Urgh!! Come on or everything will be gone. Thats better. Let’s go! It’s a mad house!!! GUYSSS! I got some supplies! Retreat!!!! I’ve leveled up again!! WOOOOOOOO I’m a spooky spectre. You’re a spectator No I’m a spectre! I was confused as well when when I first woke up and didn’t have a spear through my eye but as I floated around the world I realised I must have unfinished business …..oh and Green is here.

Hello!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jesus will you two nincom-fucks shut up and go haunt someone else? I’m trying to listen for enemies approaching. Don’t worry about that. Even from beyond the grave we’re kick arse team mates! With us on look out nothing is going to blind side oh what are you doing up here? .