Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making a Snare

Now, we’re here making a snare. Let me show you how to make the noose of the snare. You’re going to do this little knot that I have here. You’re going to fold that over. Then, you’re going to fold it around, and put it back through itself. That’s going to make you this nice, little loop there, that’s going to be really nice and tight. Now, the other side of the rope, you’re going to string right through that little noose there, and this is going to make a snare, which is going to grab on to the animal, so we’re going to leave that nice and loose right there. We’re going to set that off to the side for a second. Now, we have a couple of sticks right here. Now, these sticks, I’m going to set on either side of my game trail, which I have my game trail running right through here, so I’m going to shove these right in there, and now I’m going to lay my noose, right up loosely on these sticks. Now, the object of this, is just to keep it nice and loose, and a little bit high, so that when the game runs through there, it’s going to hang up on your snare, and it’s going to get caught, like a noose.

Now, the important thing is to make sure this has a tie off, so that your game doesn’t get caught up in it, and run off, so what I have here is another stick. It’s also good if you can find a bush next to a game trail. That’s a good place to tie off, but since we don’t have a bush, I have this giant stick, so I’m going to make sure to put it nice and deep into the ground, so that’s not going to move anywhere. Now, I’m going to tie this off right here, just like so. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can tie just a regular old knot right there. Now, now your game is set right here, make sure you set a few snares up on different game trails all over the place, because you never know where the animal is going to be running, but say right now, if an animal ran through, they’d get hung up in this right here.

They’d keep running, they’d keep running, they’d keep running, bam, they’re snug up on it. See that? and they can’t get away from the stick, right there. Now, you have yourself fresh meat. That’s the way to make a snare, and how to find a game trail. Let’s move on to the next segment. .